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Out for a drive // CBB

See what I see on a daily basis. I went for a drive with Brad Meier out on MiddleFork Road in North Bend, WA and it turned into a day of shooting and an unexpected great little film. Watch it here

Rennsport Reunion VI

Here are a few more of our favorites from Rennsport.




Rennsport Reunion VI : Wade Carter & Porsche

We’ve filmed at Laguna Seca quite a bit and it’s always a special time.  As Porsche people we all know how special Rennsport is and how grateful we are to Porsche and the community for making this event happen. We spent the week with Wade Carter and his crew filming for two great projects for Porsche.      


Vacation in Portugal

We finally took a vacation..but still managed to squeeze in some work.  Though we can hardly call it work..we’re lucky to get to do what we love.

Through the small world of social media we became friends with Tiago and Tyson of Timeless Garage in Lisbon, Portugal.

They were generous enough to hand us the keys to Rusty, a fully restored and customized 1972 911T 2.4 for a few days to run around the hills and vineyards,  quickly falling deeply in love with Portugal.  Watch the film of Tiago and the garage here.






Rennfilms quietly turned 3 this month.. .
We recently went back to the track where this whole thing started to reflect a bit. We’ve come to this track many times driving and filming but there was something special about this morning. It reminded us of that very morning just over three years ago when we showed up to make our very first film. We were here before anyone woke up, before a wrench was turned or a cup of coffee brewed…it felt just like this morning so cool and crisp.
What started as a passion project to get away from the normal commercial grind, has now turned into something much deeper and richer than we ever could have imagined.
We’re incredibly proud of the work that we’ve done, inspired and humbled by the people we’ve met, and excited for the future and to forge even further.
We never wanted to make the most stories, just tell the ones that really moved us, ones that we deeply connected with and felt needed to be shared.
We’re happy and humbled that we have found an audience, and that we continue to get the support and kind words that we do.
At a time when so many things pull for our attention thanks for spending a little time with us along the way. Hope to see and meet each and everyone of you before we checker flag this one.
Thank you for watching and being part of our little world. .