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The Heart of Racing

While this year has been filled with ups and downs, the bright spots always shine through. 

Our connection to the people who make up the entire @heartofracingteam family is not only a career highlight, but a treasure for the soul.  This is more than simply a race team – it’s a combination of the most talented, fun and engaging personalities we’ve been lucky to experience. 

From top to bottom, and every single member of our media team this has brought a level of joy this year that we could not have imagined would happen considering the state of the world we all part of.

A testament to the will and perseverance of these amazing people – people we are lucky to get to be around, and fortunate to call our friends.

To be competitive, to push, to grow, to learn, but to make sure each and every day is fun, that it puts a smile on peoples faces and make them know there is hope and inspiration still present.

It’s more than racing: it’s human connections, a smile, a fist pump, a fist bump.

And while the chariot may not be an old air cooled Porsche, these magical British beasts have stolen our hearts and opened our minds.

Luft 6 //

There was really only one way to properly do it..and this is it. A long haul drive with your friends, conversations with fellow crazies, crashing the party early..pretty damn perfect. Oh, and we made a film about it on the way and posted it before the gates opened. Boom. Watch it here.

Rennsport Reunion VI : Wade Carter & Porsche

We’ve filmed at Laguna Seca quite a bit and it’s always a special time.  As Porsche people we all know how special Rennsport is and how grateful we are to Porsche and the community for making this event happen. We spent the week with Wade Carter and his crew filming for two great projects for Porsche.      


Vacation in Portugal

We finally took a vacation..but still managed to squeeze in some work.  Though we can hardly call it work..we’re lucky to get to do what we love.

Through the small world of social media we became friends with Tiago and Tyson of Timeless Garage in Lisbon, Portugal.

They were generous enough to hand us the keys to Rusty, a fully restored and customized 1972 911T 2.4 for a few days to run around the hills and vineyards,  quickly falling deeply in love with Portugal.  Watch the film of Tiago and the garage here.





Porsche & Christophorus Magazine – 928

We had the incredible opportunity to visit Andrew Phinney in Stonington, Connecticut last October to shoot his 1977 928, which was the very first production model off the line at the factory and used in various press launches.  What an amazing story this car has and how it narrowly escaped being lost to the world after being discovered in a field in North Carolina where it had sat for some 20 years.  Andrew, however, is the perfect owner and custodian of the car, driving it often and keeping a keen eye toward maintaining all of the originality possible.  We will be releasing the next in our series of Rennfilms Profile’s on this story – so stay tuned.