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Rennfilms quietly turned 3 this month.. .
We recently went back to the track where this whole thing started to reflect a bit. We’ve come to this track many times driving and filming but there was something special about this morning. It reminded us of that very morning just over three years ago when we showed up to make our very first film. We were here before anyone woke up, before a wrench was turned or a cup of coffee brewed…it felt just like this morning so cool and crisp.
What started as a passion project to get away from the normal commercial grind, has now turned into something much deeper and richer than we ever could have imagined.
We’re incredibly proud of the work that we’ve done, inspired and humbled by the people we’ve met, and excited for the future and to forge even further.
We never wanted to make the most stories, just tell the ones that really moved us, ones that we deeply connected to and felt needed to be shared.
We’re happy and humbled that we have found an audience, and that we continue to get the support and kind words that we do.
At a time when so many things pull for our attention thanks for spending a little time with us along the way. Hope to see and meet each and everyone of you before we checker flag this one.
Thank you for watching and being part of our little world. .
Cheers ?


Porsche & Christophorus Magazine – 928

We had the incredible opportunity to visit Andrew Phinney in Stonington, Connecticut last October to shoot his 1977 928, which was the very first production model off the line at the factory and used in various press launches.  What an amazing story this car has and how it narrowly escaped being lost to the world after being discovered in a field in North Carolina where it had sat for some 20 years.  Andrew, however, is the perfect owner and custodian of the car, driving it often and keeping a keen eye toward maintaining all of the originality possible.  We will be releasing the next in our series of Rennfilms Profile’s on this story – so stay tuned.

Duck and Whale Magazine

Some finished work with Duck and Whale Magazine out of Australia featuring the incomparable Jim Goodlett of Savannah, GA and his 1978 Porsche 911 Rally Car.  In addition to this great story, if you haven’t checked out our short film on Jim titled Slideways, you can do so here.

Christophorus Magazine

We had an amazing opportunity to work with Porsche and Christophorus Magazine last week in Connecticut shooting the very first production model of the 928 from 1977.  This car has an amazing story that will be shared in a forthcoming issue and for now here are just a few Behind the Scenes shots.

Porsche’s Christophorus Magazine – 930

We had the amazing opportunity this spring to travel to Toronto with Porsche’s in house magazine Christophorus to meet and shoot Bill MacEachern and his 1 million + kilometer 1976 930 turbo, which he has owned since new and has continually evolved in pursuit of ‘his perfect car.’  After 40 + years of development it was recently dino’d and found to have 650hp at the rear wheels, which is just a bit more than it started with.  ‘Bad Boy Billy,’ as a few of his friends refer to him, is in his 80’s now and is still as much of a hot shoe as ever.  He reckons that he’s had somewhere between 50 and 100 speeding tickets (and at least one impound) while behind the wheel of this street monster.  What a cool project this was to be a part of!

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