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Porsche’s Christophorus Magazine – 930

We had the amazing opportunity this spring to travel to Toronto with Porsche’s in house magazine Christophorus to meet and shoot Bill MacEachern and his 1 million + kilometer 1976 930 turbo, which he has owned since new and has continually evolved in pursuit of ‘his perfect car.’  After 40 + years of development it was recently dino’d and found to have 650hp at the rear wheels, which is just a bit more than it started with.  ‘Bad Boy Billy,’ as a few of his friends refer to him, is in his 80’s now and is still as much of a hot shoe as ever.  He reckons that he’s had somewhere between 50 and 100 speeding tickets (and at least one impound) while behind the wheel of this street monster.  What a cool project this was to be a part of!